GCS, Inc.
Cardozo Swing Space at Meyer Elementary

Cardozo Swing Space at Meyer Elementary

Owner: DC Department of General Services

Architect: Grimm+Parker Architects

Project Completion Date: January 2012

Project SF: 34,452 SF of temporary classroom trailers; 59,520 SF renovated main building

Project Description: The existing Meyer Elementary School was renovated to suit the needs of a high school population, involving the creation of science labs, restroom modifications, modernization of the existing fire alarm, as well as the addition of technology to the school. Additionally, the new trailer complex provided space for 250 students and staff and a tent enclosed the new basketball court to protect outdoor activities. GCS’s support team met with each facility member to determine specific needs of each program and to ensure that there would be no disruption to the school’s normal operation; this support was provided to the building staff during the entire time the swing space was utilized.

Design-Build Project